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About Shockingly Different Leadership

Shockingly Different Leadership is a leadership development consultancy that provides development programs, best practice resources, and a cross-industry community for ambitious, savvy, high performing professionals who strive to be ultra-achievers in the workforce.  In organizations, this population is frequently labeled as “high potential”, “top talent”, “key talent”, and/or “promotion-ready” – those in the quest to demonstrate their acumen, potential and readiness for roles of larger scope and responsibility.

We’re a rare breed of consultancy. We’re a nimble, focused, and feisty group of leadership transformation innovators who raise the bar of performance and motivate teams to deliver more innovation and impact than ever thought possible.

From our roots in Atlanta, our consultants travel the globe helping companies inspire differentiated leadership within their employee ranks in order to develop an unstoppable army of leaders who are energized to exceed the boldest of business objectives.

Differentiated leadership isn’t something you can wait for, wish for, or delegate. You have to have the guts to make it happen. Your leaders’ next best contribution hasn’t likely been conceived yet, but we want to see you challenge convention and see it come to life.

We want to support you in that journey to see the magic of creating “ultra-achievers” happen.

 >>That is why we come to work every day.

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